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Ellesmere Port War Memorial

Dedicated to the men recorded on the local war memorial, we have a parallel website created by the Whitby High School History Department at detailing the history of the memorial and the men who served. This links in with our own researches and visits to the battlefields of Belgium and France.

Can you help? Do you know if you are descended from soldiers on the WWI War Memorial? Do you have any family history research that we can add to our Project? Photographs, census records, addresses, brief family trees etc, will help to expand the record. Many of the less common surnames are familiar to us at Whitby - Bousfield, Percival, Mort, Rochell, Challiner, Shepherd, George, Nixon, Pratt, Slawson, Whitby, Weeks, Woodward, to mention a just few that reoccur through the orgins of the Port to the present day. Several pupils with those surnames are attending Whitby High at present or have passed through during the last 10 years or so.

If pupils wish to help in the research to find out more about the soldiers see Mr M. Royden. Contributions from outside school are most welcome too of course. Again, please contact Mr M Royden through the usual school channels.

Ben Whitby

In October 2006 we were contacted by Mrs Val Price of Chester regarding Ben Whitby whose name we traced and visited In March 2006 at Thiepval. Her brother in London had come across our web site and contacted Mrs Price. On speaking to Mrs Price we were so pleased to find out that she is a descendant of Ben she had photographs, a family tree and other information which she was willing to let us have. The photogrpah, I am sure you will agree, is a very touching one and we couldnt resist forwarding it on to the Pioneer when they wanted to cover our site for Remembrence Day this year. The materials will be used in the classroom and the result will be uploaded shortly. Thanks again to Mrs Price.

The Bousfield Brothers

Many thanks to local researcher Alan Gregson, who came in to visit us in November 2006 and has contributed several photograph of soldiers recorded on the memorial. We were especially grateful to receive one particular photograph as it included all three of the Bousfields. Work is continuing on this and will be uploaded shortly. Alan is also hoping to contribute further details concerning the soldiers service or movements where possible.
Life on the Home Front

We would like to piece together a record of where the men lived and worked or if they had a family. Some were very young and still living at home with parents and brothers. Where was their house? Are there any photographs of them still in existence? Photographs of their street or factory?

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